If you don’t need Java just disable or uninstall it

For questions or service requests please contact me at:

(330) 217 – 6221

You can also visit my Craig’s list page at:   http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cps/3280984399.html

Please post all questions here.

Below is a brief list of the computer services that I provide in the Northeast Ohio area.

Consultation – Free

It is free to ask any questions or discuss computer related problems via email.

General Diagnostic – $10

This includes physically evaluating the computer and is included if any of the following services are needed.

Tune Up – $10

This includes disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, scan for disk errors, memory error scan, and dust removal if applicable.

Email/Email Client Setup – $10

Setup and configure Gmail, Juno, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc

Virus Removal – $20

This includes a backup of important files and folders, deep virus scan, and complete virus removal if possible. This price is neglected if a full OS re-install is needed.

Hardware Upgrade – $10/Item Plus Parts

This is the price per component, hard drive, CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. (One charge for RAM, not charged per stick)

Operating System Re-installation or upgrade – $30

This includes a full backup of all files and folders, complete removal of operating system and re-installation or upgrade. (This may be the only option for severe virus infections)

Home Network Installation – $20

This includes installing and setting up a new router, wireless router, and connecting all of your house hold devices.

PC Security Check – $10

This is an evaluation of your current security measure on you computer, and suggestions for any changes or improvements.

Data Recovery – $15 – $30

Attempt to recover any lost or deleted data, or general data backups.

Device Encryption – $15

Encryption of devices such as a laptops, USB drives, etc.

Replace Laptop Screen – $30 Plus Parts

Replace broken laptop screen.

Replace Laptop Power Jack – $45 Plus Parts

Replace broken laptop power jack.

Replace Laptop Keyboard – $10 Plus Parts

Replace broken laptop keyboard

Custom PC Build – $80–$200 Plus Parts

This price is for labor only and does not include the price of the components needed for the actual build. The price range is to accommodate for the range of difficulty for different types of systems. Most everyday type of builds will be on the low end, and the more extreme gaming and video editing builds will be on the high end. The price will be set in the estimate given once the components are determined. 

Pick up and Delivery – $0.25 per mile

This price is per mile to and from the location and the total delivery cost is calculated using Google Maps’ shortest route to the location.

** Custom pricing can occur depending on the services needed and will be discussed between the Technician and the customer prior to any services being provided.


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